Wedding Photography Tips

Amazing Wedding Photographer: Humble, yet Confident

Hertfordshire Wedding PhotographerYou’ve probably came across tens of photography websites and photographers. Often than not, you’ll see them talking about their style, so on and so forth.

Catherine Pound Photography is founded by Catherine, an enthusiast and professional Hertfordshire wedding photographer. She’s been working with wedding for more than 5 years. After finishing a year of formal education, she deepens her love and skills by constantly working with other photographers and finding new ways of capturing beautiful moments.

It’s all about the client

As a wedding photographer, one’s job is to take pictures of the event from start to end, depending on the agreed package. It is important to snap those eventful part of the ceremony and receptions as well as several formal pictures. This is a formal job description of a wedding photographer.

Find yourself someone that goes more than the job. Your wedding photographer needs to be someone that is dedicated in the job, trying their best to make sure that the photography session will go smooth.

This someone also needs to show you the effort needed to get close to you, your family and your guests so taking pictures will become less awkward. You will also find yourself more relaxed when your photographer is capturing all the beautiful moments of the day.

Wedding photography is truly about you and your loved one.


One might be worried if their wedding photographer is trained and experienced in capturing wedding parties like theirs. Some of us prepared the wedding to be a grand party worthy of celebrity level. Others prefer a small, intimate and private wedding party to share with people of utmost importance to the couple.

Whether it is big or private, a wedding photographer has to be able to expect the opportunities and challenges. Someone who is used to big parties might not have the capability to capture detailed, beautiful moments of a private party.

For big parties, always make sure that your photographer comes with an extra hand. This is to make sure that your party is fully covered and no precious and spontaneous moments are missed.

Check with your Hertfordshire wedding photographer to see if they are used to capturing party of a similar caliber to yours.


In terms of style, Catherine did not let herself restrained to simply one way of capturing the beauty of a wedding. She maintains her reportage method of capturing the day with unlimited creativity to define your day in your style.

This makes her very flexible. It is also supported by the fact that she wants to know her clients better to live up to the style and characteristics of the party. This is the way to create an amazing bespoke album for you.

Your photographer should not also let her creativity be restrained to a certain style.

Although each photographer has a different approach of beauty, it is important that yours is one that lets creativity flow in whatever condition and place they work.

Photographers job are to capture beautiful moments of their clients.

The day has to and will always be about you and your partner. Thus, your photographer has be one that is selfless and focuses as well as investing their time in you.