Wedding Photography Tips

Basic Rundown of What You Need to be a North Wales Wedding Photographer

North Wales wedding photographerThe job of a North Wales wedding photographer requires him to dig into the other genres of photography that exists. That is why you find that wedding photographs contain elements family portraits, documentary photos, event photography and boudoir amongst others. Sometimes, it can even include a bit of landscape and still life photography especially if the location being shot is of importance or a thing of beauty.

As a photographer, there are certain tools that you need to have on hand to ensure you can perform your job or make things easier for you. Find below some of the tools you are bound to have in this profession:

#1 Camera:

Of course, the camera is the most important tool to have. Afterall, how does the photographer expect to capture the images he needs in their required settings. The best camera we can recommend for shooting weddings is either the DSLR or a camera with a mirrorless system in place. These types of cameras are known for their tenacity in handling any and everything a wedding is likely to push your way.

Why these types of camera? Well for one, a wedding is a constant blur of movements so you need to be able to work at a fast speed. DSLR camera are known for their fast shutter speeds and high ISO while retaining the focus of the images. Also, you can shoot in the raw to make editing easier for you after the whole capture stage.

Make sure you have at least two cameras with you at the venue. Anything can happen maybe a collision with a guest or a stalling issue with the shutter. You do not want to find yourself lacking a spare as the wedding moments pass by.

#2 Accessories:

The primary tool for a North Wales wedding photographer like is the camera every other thing is secondary although not any less important. Accessories exist as a whole to make the process of photography faster and smoother. Some of them include:

  • Tripods: ever get tired of hanging the camera on your neck or holding it in your hands, well the tripod can be used to ease the stress on you. It also performs the role of enhancing the shots especially in the case of taking group shots, or when you are working on the flash units of the camera.
  • Wireless transmitter: like we said before, anything can happen to your camera while on duty. So, why not make sure your files are always backed up as soon as you take a picture? A wireless transmitter is one thing that should enhance the workflow and make sure your images are sent to your system as soon as you shoot them. You can use it in addition with a memory card or hard drive but we know these devices can easily be corrupted as well.
  • Lenses: wide shots, panning out, enhancing focus… All these are areas in which a lens could be very useful. There are times when you may need to zoom in on an object but your camera alone does not allow for that. So, make sure as a North Wales wedding photographer you have a wide set available in your camera bag.