Wedding Videography

wedding videography WaterfordYou might still be planning your wedding. Nonetheless, it’s important to consider seriously how to keep the joy and love you had on your very first being married for as long as possible. From time to time, that burning ember needs to be lit again.

There are many ways to do this and they are actually simple acts that require only time and effort from the both of you. Some have to be prepared for your wedding day, such as booking for your wedding videography Waterford service.

Create a routine to be together

The first thing both of you need to understand is love is like a smoldering ember that needs to be poked from time to time. It dies out once you ignore it for too long, although it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to light it up again. Keep a routine that both of you can enjoy together.

It can be a yearly vacation to a favorite spot or monthly reservation at your favorite restaurant. It can be as simple as having regular night stroll at the closest park. Remember that family routine and your routine as a couple should be differentiated. Never miss your anniversary and celebrate it together by doing something that really connects to the both of you.

Wedding pictures and videos

Another thing that really keeps the love going on for a long time is to constantly be reminded the happiness and reasons you chose your loved one. Can you still remember how hard your heart was thumping as you stand in front of your wife, vowing to love her till death do you apart? Or how you looked like when your husband snatched you for a kiss?

Professional wedding videography Waterford and photography services from will help you remember and capture all those precious moments. The older they are, the more precious they become as your old age begins to catch up and details begin to blur.

Rewatch them together on your anniversary and from time to time. Keeping a couple of your favorite wedding pictures in your wallet or using them as your phone’s wallpaper is also a good idea.

Time for him/her

Among many resources available, time is the most precious one. It constantly ticks and diminishes. All we can do is make sure that we’re using the time we’re granted with as wise as possible. Can you remember when was the last time you spared an hour to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner?

People often mistake daily, have-you-paid-the-bills and who-will-pick-son-up conversation as real conversations. But, what do you understand from those small exchanges? Did you know that your husband was facing a problem at his workplace or that your wife is so stressed out trying to manage two wild sons at home alone?

Opening up ourselves to our partner is an important part of keeping a family whole. You vowed to love each other in joy and hard times. Sure, quarrels can happen every now and then, but through those little disputes, you can learn more about each other.

Remember that small thing you never thought would matter is the things that will keep your marriage happy. From planning your wedding videography Waterford to watching that footage on your 50th anniversary, they all count.