Wedding Photography Tips

How To Efficiently Plan Out The Wedding

Be sensible with the seating charts.

San Francisco wedding photographerThis is something that you would have to take seriously as much as possible if you want to pull things through the right way for the seating charts at the end of the day. This isn’t something that will just magically fix itself. You have to understand right off the bat that you have to be hard at work on it all the time in order for it to pull through accordingly. Planning out the seating charts for your main wedding reception is pretty much just like playing matchups with the people who will be attending your big day. You have to take a look at their similar interests. Take a look at what their personalities are. It might turn out to be a really bad thing for you to book the seating charts for the wedding reception and your guests end up dreading the whole thought of being with the people that they are grouped with for literally hours. You know deep down that you can actually do something so much better than that. Think about whether they know each other or not.

Plan out your vendor gratuities.

If you don’t know what gratuities are by know, they are basically the tips that you are giving out to your wedding vendors formally. Make sure that this is something that you plan out for if you want to establish great and long lasting relationships with the wedding vendors that you end up working with so far. If you are particularly happy with the way that your vendors treat you and take care of you, then you should go out of your way to let them know just how much you appreciate them so far. Take note of the fact though that this isn’t something that you are required to do or give out at any point in time. However, if you honestly feel in your heart that this is something that you are more than happy to give out so far, then by all means, prepare for the gratuities. This is something that your vendors will really be able to appreciate and something that could result to you making the most out of the deal so far especially when it has something to do with post wedding services and products.

Put someone in charge.

Although you are technically in charge with the entire wedding planning process and operations, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you would have to work through everything and work on everything when it all comes down to it. Pick out a professional wedding coordinator. Or go for someone that you can trust and follow through with it. Assign someone as the touch point for your San Francisco wedding photographer as well so that your group shots don’t end up eating a lot of time to coordinate.

Stay organized at all times.

You can’t get into this with a scattered perspective or state of mind. This is what you ought to prioritize as much as possible. Have a list for everything. Figure out where everything is so that you can easily access it so far. Give your San Francisco wedding photographer a shot list so that nothing is left out of your preferences. Give your caterer a list of preferred dishes. Give your planner the color schemes and palettes you happen to like in particular just so that everything is all in the right place.