Wedding Photography Tips

Questions for Wedding Photographers

luxury wedding photographyThe interview is the most important part in finding the right person that does professional luxury wedding photography. From speaking with them, you can find out important information, such as their work quality, how serious they are, and things like if they are insured.

Below we’ve prepared all the questions you need to ask your photographer before signing the contract with them. After passing these all can you be absolutely sure that this person is the right one.

As a person

As a person, how are they? This is important because they will be directly communicating with you, your family members and possibly a lot of your guests. You want someone that knows manners and show respect to the party. Asking basic questions like if they have formal wear to attend your party isn’t wrong. It’s, after all, your party and you don’t want to be embarrassed.

Next, you should check out how they react and if they are giving any feedback when you’re talking about your wedding. As a person that is going to be responsible for the wedding pictures of your party, are they showing enough passion and enthusiasm? You want to entrust your wedding to someone that is passionate to know and eventually, do their best for it.

As a photographer

Next is the time to find out what kind of photographer are they. You can begin by asking how many weddings they handle in a year or a month. Especially during your wedding month, you want to know they are not hurrying things and pressured by time to just ‘finish them all’. is a site that does luxury wedding photography and they know how important it is to pay extra attention to every client. Not hurrying things and taking a limited amount of work every year is important. Doing so will allow them to do their best in delivering every job, including yours.

Find out if the photographer has any kind of achievement or training before. Such is usually seen on their website and they like to proudly talk about it. These are important qualities that say this photographer is well trained and updated on the latest methods to take gorgeous pictures. It also tells you that they have guaranteed quality from such achievements.

Other questions

Other things you should ask are about their insurance, copyrights, and guarantee. These aren’t related to luxury wedding photography, but they ensure the smoothness of the process.

First, insurance is important nowadays as more and more wedding venues are making it a necessity. Insurance can help cover any damages that can potentially happen and you don’t have to be too involved in it to solve it. The insurance company will cover the damages.

Next is the copyright. You might now know this, but lots of photographers don’t give copyright to their clients. They hold full ownership and you have to find this photographer every time you want to post or reproduce the pictures. Discuss and negotiate the terms if you want the rights.

And lastly, you want to have a backup plan if, let’s say, this photographer is unable to attend the party. Of course, you want someone as professional and capable to perform as well as the person you’re signing the contract with.