Wedding Photography Tips

Invest on quality

camera bagAs a wedding photographer, it’s important for you to make sure that you get to invest on a high quality camera bag as well, other than the basic photography equipment that you will need to invest your money on when it all comes down to it. You have to understand that you need to make sure that your equipment is always protected as much as possible. You will be doing a lot of running around as well as a lot of moving around as a wedding photographer. You need to keep the essential tools as well as the rest of your memory cards and extra batteries close to you as much as possible and you need them to be well protected as well from wear and tear.

You might think that a camera bag isn’t exactly something that requires that much thought and requirement but the truth of the matter is that it actually does and you need to always keep that in mind all of the time. The kind of camera bag that you bring along with you as a wedding photographer during wedding events that you cover is sort of representative of who you are as a professional in the wedding photography industry and that is not the kind of thing that you just take for granted at the end of the day.

Look for the right size

The first thing to watch out for in a camera bag is finding just the right size. You need something that is big and roomy enough to fit in all of the things that you need to fit into it    but it also needs to be compact enough to fit into the overhead cabin of planes or for you to have to carry it around with you all the time during the weddings that you are able to cover as a professional wedding photographer. Take note of the fact that you will end up doing a whole lot of traveling and that you will end up hopping on and off of planes in the long run. You need a camera bag that you will be able to keep close to you and that means that it has to be something that you don’t have to check in. Your professional photography equipment is the most important aspect of your career as a leeds wedding photographer. The moment that you lose it, you are back to square one. More than that, it tends to cost an awful lot of money having to start from scratch and going through the aspect of shopping for everything all over again. Keep your bag close and you should be fine.

Be picky with the materials

You will also be doing more outdoor weddings than you would initially think and what this means is that your camera bag needs to withstand the wear and tear brought about by the elements. Be extra picky with the kind of materials that you go for the moment that you purchase your camera bag. It would be wise to go for something that is weather proof or something that can take a beating out of the rain or out of extreme sunlight.

Wedding Photography Tips

Make a good impression

wedding photography tipsAs a wedding photographer, you are probably aiming to really make a good impression not only to your clients but to the rest of the other people who happen to attend the wedding photography shoot that you are in charge of as well. Go out of your way to be polite, friendly, and accommodating as much as possible but when it all comes down to it, you need to remind yourself that your scope in the event is as a wedding photographer and nothing more. Don’t try to please everybody attending there if it doesn’t involve your area of responsibility. You will not be able to please everybody but the beauty in all of this is the fact that you really don’t have to try so hard to get them to like you. Your main job is to provide coverage and service as a wedding photographer and that is just about it.

Going overboard on things might not work out well for you because people might end up misconstruing you as someone who is overstepping his boundaries already. Know where you stand and stick to the agenda at hand. do not allow yourself to be easily segued into pretty much anything else as much as possible. Focus on being a wedding photographer because when it all comes down to it, this is the only thing that your clients care about anyway. Do your job and do it well, don’t pick fights or don’t inspire contention of any kind during the wedding photography shoot and you should be just fine.

You need to learn the art of getting out of the way.

As a wedding photographer sussex, you have to understand that although your presence is crucial in the documentation of the moments that transpire during the wedding event, people don’t really want to see you or they don’t want you blocking the view or getting in the way of things too much. As a matter of fact, you should aim to go by the event as invisible and as unobtrusive as much as possible. If you will be able to take your shots from a distance, then you should try to go ahead and do that. If you will be able to take decent shots without turning on the flash on your camera, then try to do so as well.

Avoid distracting people

Try to avoid anything that might distract the people that you are photographing or anything that might remind them that you are right there behind your camera lens, documenting their every move. People will end up feeling as if they are being watched and this is not something that will make them comfortable at the end of the day. Keep your distance as much as possible and invest in long and powerful lenses that will equip you to take your close up shots without being right next to them during the wedding photography shot. This is something that will speak volumes about you and about what you can do as a wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography Tips

Portrait is not informal and candid

wedding photographyWhen you are trying to take portrait shots for wedding photography, one common misconception for people is that they think that it’s okay and even recommended to do the wave and smile routine but they couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to this. The wave and smile makes the portrait look candid and informal. Portrait shots are anything but informal and candid at the end of the day. People oftentimes fail to recognize the distinction between an actual portrait shot and a regular selfie.

A portrait shot is something that is well composed and well thought out as much as possible.

There will be a lot of parts or instances during wedding photography wherein you will be asked to taken in some portrait shots and you need to make sure that you are able to pull it all off the right way. Most people feel the need to do the wave and smile because they feel awkward and they don’t know what else to do. They’re not too used to being in front of the camera all of the time. You should make it a point to really take to them all throughout the times that you are taking the portrait shots in wedding photography. Be like Cornwall wedding photographer Khalile Siddiqui and constantly give out instructions for them to follow so that they know what to do and how to pose.

Understand the power angles

As an expert in wedding photography, it is extremely important for you to understand the power of angles and what different effects they can bring in to the portraits that you are taking when it all comes down to it. You will need to remember two basic facts for as far as angles are concerned. When you shoot up, you are giving power to the subject in the portrait shot that is being taken. When you shoot down, you are taking power away from the subject and you are making the subject somehow smaller and less powerful. This way, you will be able to play around with the contrasts and the effects well enough.

Big men or people who tend to have strong features should not be shot from an angle that is high up because this will make them look overwhelming in the photos that are being taken. On the other hand, children and babies are already pretty small and helpless and compounding that by shooting them from an angle that is down low will magnify their qualities even more and it is not something that will come out looking great in the photos that are being taken.

Make use of different elements

There are very few elements involved in a portrait shot in wedding photography and that is why you need to make sure that the elements that actually make it as a part of the picture should be perfect and well taken care of as much as possible. Make it a point to really digitally whiten the teeth of the people that you are taking portrait shots of. This little bit of effort will get to come out looking really great in the portrait shots that are being taken.

Wedding Photography Tips

photography tipsGo through the motions of taking extra care of your feet.

Wedding photography is all about preparation and pre empting things before they actually happen. You will basically be moving and walking around a lot when you are in the process of covering a wedding; probably so much more than you could actually think. You will be following people around all day and you might end chasing after them one way or the other. Although it may be true that you should dress to impress by all means, you should also make sure that you have comfort in mind.

Choose the kind of shoes that will make you feel comfortable enough to technically be in it the entire day. As tempting as reaching for a really gorgeous looking pair of high heels may sound, your feet may not think as much and will appreciate you even less when it all comes down to it. You should put in comfort above everything else at some point. If you are going to put in your investments in the first place, then you might as well make sure that you include a great pair of shoes as well.

Watch out for that specific person who will try to overtake your authority during the wedding photography Hertfordshire shoot. The point of the matter is that there will always be that one person in the wedding party who will try to take over the photo shoot. They will start telling people where to pose, how to pose, who should be part of a group picture, and who should not be part of a group picture. This is basically an undeniable fact. The best way for you to go about this would be to make sure that you manage the crowd and really talk it out the right way.

You can just tell the person that you appreciate the input and they are quite welcome to go ahead with their ideas once you are done taking your pictures. Do this in the best way possible. Stay firm and direct to the point but try to maintain a really friendly tone so that they will respect you enough to actually do what you say without ending up finding you rude or unfriendly.

Create a list of shots that you need to take in the wedding that you are covering.

One of the most common arguments that occur between the wedding photographer and his clients (the bride and groom) is the issue of any missed shots during the wedding event. This is not the kind of argument that you would like to have at some point. This is something that can turn pretty ugly way faster than you would think it will. One way for you to avoid this would be for you to sit down with the bride and groom and discuss the moments in the wedding that they think are absolutely non-negotiable. Ideally, you should be able to come up with a minimum of fifteen or so in your item list. Stick to this checklist during the wedding day event and cross things out as you go along and you should be fine.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsIn wedding photography, before you make a choice and go for something, any option related to it, you have to seriously think things through first. You have to look into how it will get to impact your craft and the kind of work that you do at some point. You check out all of the other ensuing repercussions and benefits that it might bring you. You weigh all of the pros and cons and go for the options that lean more towards the pros and than they do to the cons. You should do the same kind of careful thinking and assessing in deciding on whether or not the RAW file format will work for you and for your objectives. Above all, as an expert in Asian wedding photography, you should prioritize the quality of the photos above everything else.

Highest photo quality

The RAW format is just hands down the pro option that is available out there. Professionals in the photography field are always making sure that they get the highest photo quality possible for their paying clients at some point. What may seem like minor photography issues such as overblown highlights and banding can prove to be really big deals especially if one of the options that you are offering out to your clients are printed photos as part of your products. Options like color space and balance are absolutely critical to getting high quality photos.

Efficient work flow

RAW files will also offer out a really efficient work flow for you in those crucial moments when you are scrambling for time during the post production process. You have to understand the fact that you are dealing with a huge number of photos here. When you work with volume, you have to make sure that there is a certain system that will allow you to flawlessly work through it without having to waste so much time in between. RAW file formats pair up with really great programs such as Lightroom and Aperture. They will let you upload large batches of photos at a time as opposed to other formats out there that will basically force you to edit one photo at a time and that is not the best way to go especially if you are dealing with a certain time crunch and working on a really strict turnaround time at some point.

Original and complete

RAW files capture the original and complete information that has been gleaned by the sensor of the cameras. This means that nothing is ever lost or compressed or anything like that at all. Sure, this means that you will be eating through a huge amount of memory space but what this means is that the photos will come out clearer and crisper than ever. This also means that you as the wedding photographer get to call the shots when it comes to how you edit the photos that you take and how they will turn out looking like in the final stages once you are about to turn it over to the clients.

Wedding Photography Tips

documentary wedding photographerWedding photography has been around for quite a while now but if there’s a new trend that is currently sweeping the niche market, it the documentary wedding photography style. It’s new and a bit unorthodox and it speaks to a lot of the young couples out there who are thinking about tying the knot anytime soon. There are certain skills and certain tricks of the trade that are somewhat more in the specialty of the expert documentary wedding photographer. We decided to write up an article enumerating them.

An expert in this niche is great at managing a crowd and keeping them entertained.

As a documentary wedding photographer, you should learn how to be able to stir up a crowd and still somehow keep them in control at the same time. You should learn how to speak firmly in such a way that they will respect your authority without you coming off sounding rude and impolite. This is a delicate concoction to balance but be rest assured that over time and a whole lot of practice, this will be something that you will be able to master with no difficulty for as long as you focus on it.

You should be able to appreciate walking shots and use them to your advantage.

Walking shots are great for couples and groups alike. Make sure that you are able to adjust your shutter speeds to faster settings to really capture people walking in the moment and come up with less blur in your photos. Blur is a necessary risk for as long as there is motion involved in your photos but it is possible to minimize them with a little backhand knowledge regarding the technicalities of your gear.

You should be able to document people in their most natural and candid states without drawing too much attention to yourself.

Documentary wedding photography is all about being to take photos of people “in the moment”; you sort of let events flow as they normally would without too much intervention from you. This is something that really is way much harder than it would normally sound. You have to be on your feet all the time and learn how to think on your toes and intercept those moments and attempt to immortalize them in the photos before they completely disappear out into oblivion.

You should go out of your way to make people feel comfortable and well at ease before proceeding to actually take their photos.

Uncomfortable people do not make for great photos. If you get an inkling that the person you are photographing is not really feeling it, it’s OK to pause for a bit and talk to them and see if there is anything at all that you can do to help them just a little bit more comfortable. Then proceed to ask if it’s OK if you start taking their photos. Do not be afraid to start up a conversation, maybe crack a few jokes and maybe make them laugh at some point.