family portrait photographyThe family is the smallest unit of the society, and it is the most important. It is also the most personal, wherein values are imbibed, proper individuals are nurtured and raised, and where love is first felt in its purest form.  The memories of any family are one that should always be preserved above all else.

You might think that there is a huge difference between when you should have a family portrait and why you should. That is not so true. To know when to have a family portrait photography session, then you need to fully know why in the first place. How important and valued it is will let you know exactly when or how frequently you should have one with your family.

Posterity Will Be Glad

The function of any photograph is to capture moments in time and preserve them for the future; family portraits are in no way different. They can efficiently do that very delicate job of capturing the family in all its glory. You get to create memories that will live through the ages. Your generation to come will know their roots and appreciate that they have come a long way and from a long succession of beautiful and amazing people.

Capture Growth

But family photo shoots can also do more than that. Imagine capturing growth: seeing how Nancy as grown so fast amongst her brothers to become the beautiful woman she is today. Or how the twins grew up not to look alike in anyway, becoming their own individuals. Remember that children grow up so fast. Family photographs are a good way to document those rapid changes.

Family Portraits Edify

These portraits and photo shoots are also a good way to bring the family together both physically and mentally. You wouldn’t feel so comfortable taking pictures with that aunt you recently had a dispute with, right?

How about settling the issue before the family picture? Or seeing your favourite childhood uncle who have not seen in many years? As much as photographs help to preserve memories, they also help to build and foster healthy relationships.

Having family portrait photography sessions is a good way to start. Like puts it, these sessions “tell the story of your family and the little interactions between everyone”

Tomorrow Unpredictable

Sadly, we don’t know what tomorrow will bring and our memories of people will eventually be the only thing we hold onto about them. Every opportunity to save that moment with your uncle or aunt is precious and should not be wasted. Many families have regretted not having the family portrait the previous year. This should not be your regret too.

Which Begs the Question

Now that you know why you should have a family photoshoot and portrait, when should you have one? Summer? Winter? Christmas? Easter? Really, the answer is, as many times as you can.

You don’t have to worry about the photographs looking the same. They won’t. These photographs, even with the same family members in them, will evoke different memories traced to different events.

Truth is, as strong and united as any family can be, it is easy for distance to separate them for a while. That is why you should make it a family tradition to have a family portrait photography session at least once each year. You know why. Now you know when.


family photo shootIf there is one thing that most families do, it is to document their family history through the aid of photographs or family portraits. Statistics show that about 8 in 10 families have family portraits. These portraits have a place of prominence in the family room or most used room by the family members so that guests as well as family members who visit can gaze upon it.

Different styles available

In Bournemouth, there are several styles of portrait photography available. These styles vary from the more traditional also regarded as formal portrait photography to the now popular modern portrait photography which encourages interaction and creativity. In traditional portrait photography, the subjects are usually in fixed poses that do not allow for free expression; there is usually an underlying formal note which must be adhered to in looks, attire and expressions. The modern style however, is an advocate of free expression and it is also done in an informal fun atmosphere.

But of what use is knowing the style of family portraits you want done without having the right photographer. Chances are you can hire Bournemouth photographer Fiona Moorey to help in getting the style and quality of family portraits you want due to the fact that experience and skills are on her side. But if this is not the case, you need to ensure that the person you eventually settle on is experienced and their portfolio or catalogue of images showcase creativity. After all, you are not aiming for photographs that are ordinary or similar to others out there.

You have to access the style of photography to see if it fits in line with what you have in mind for your own family portraits. Most photographers of the modern day know that the chances of them getting hired without a proper portfolio to showcase to prospective clients are relatively low and as a result, they make it a point to have one on hand. Although having a photography portfolio is a pre-requisite for clients to feel confident about photographers, they can also be used to deceive. You have to be careful when going through the portfolios as some photographers might pass of the work of others as theirs and also forge photographs featuring the same couples in an attempt to appear experienced and sought after.

Price range of family portraits

Another thing you need to keep in mind when on the lookout for a family photographer is the price range of family portraits in Bournemouth. However, it is important that you do not let price serve as the guiding point for getting professional services but still, it helps to know that the service you seek is within the budget you have in mind. When you come across a photographer you are leaning towards, make sure they are upfront with the prices they charge so that you are not left bewildered at the end of the photo shoot as to why the cost turned out to be that way. A breakdown of the cost is also important so that you do not end up paying for a service you did not receive.


family photographyFamily portraits have always been the go to mean for capturing images of family members. The intended use of these family portraits varies from creating a holiday card, new hall portrait or souvenir but regardless of the use, it cannot be denied that it comes in handy in different situations. Before the invention of the camera and the innovation of the digital camera, portraits were only available to those who had the means to pay for an artist to get a family rendition. Although the portrait artist was likely to provide a more personal touch on the images, the exertion of sitting long hours in a certain pose to achieve the final product was not pleasant.

Even with modernization slowly eating at long standing traditions, the family portraits are ever popular. The presence of digital cameras has made it easier for almost everyone to get into the fun of capturing moments with the family. There are a lot of ways to go about achieving that family portrait you have always wanted but there has always been the question of whether to make use of a professional portrait photographer or rely on one’s amateur skills.

Professional photographer or do it yourself?

The idea of doing the family portrait by oneself has its merits in the fact that you get to save on different categories of costs from the use of studio time, style of photography, editing of the pictures, printing of an album etc. But even though amateur photography can be cost saving at its best, there can be no guarantee on quality like a professional can give. The professional has years of experience and a belt of knowledge in hand so it is highly likely that this is going to be put into use during the family portrait shoot.

Good quality photos

In the process of getting a family portrait done by a professional, it pays to remember that you are paying for things other than snapping a few random pictures. You get good quality photographs thanks to aid provided by the professional photography equipment and the skill put into operating it effectively and efficiently. A portrait photographer can be compared to an artist the only difference being that the camera is the tool for artistic expression instead of the brush.

Proper lighting color coordination

The expertise of a portrait photographer does not stop in the skillful use of the camera but extends to having an eye for proper lighting, the right color coordination and knowing how to edit out unwanted features of a photograph. Examples of such scenarios can be viewed here Just to know for yourself the difference between a professionally taken picture and that of an amateur just trying their hand at it, the two pictures can be placed side by side to find out the lacking of the amateur one. The good thing about professionals is that they have an eye for detail and this goes into their portraits. For an amateur, you may be too busy trying to get your camera setting right to notice that the little ones are not focusing on the camera or that your grandfather’s shoulders are a bit slouched.