Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsWedding photographers work on earning their experience first before they decide to launch a professional career in the Seattle wedding photography niche. If that is something that you would like to get into, it should also be a full scale business model that you should mimic. It may be something that may seem redundant at first, you have to understand that this is the kind that works and that is why so many other professionals ahead of you are doing it. You need to brace yourself for a slow start because you will have to work your way through this so you have to be patient and diligent in building up your wedding photography experience. Offer your services out for free to friends and family members who are about to be married. Be sure to disclose though that you are using their wedding events as practice sessions so that they do not get disappointed or frustrated if the effects turn out to be below their levels of expectations.

Prepare for the long haul

Wedding events take up more hours than any other events out there so you need to make sure that you have enough camera batteries and memory cards to last you for the entire duration of it and then some. A true professional wedding photographer will never allow himself to run out or run short so prepare well. Make sure that you clear out your memory cards after every use and make sure that you transfer your files accordingly. Wipe the slate clean every single night. This is the best way to make sure that your memory cards are in great shape and will not end up corrupting your files.

Buy two basic lenses

You need two basic lenses: the first one is a telephoto lens that lets you take close-up shots from afar while the second one is a wide angle lens that lets you fit a lot of people in the frame and make for really great group photos and panoramic shots. It is always wise to have two to three cameras so you can mount your lenses individually and so that you can just easily switch in between cameras instead of having to struggle screwing the lenses on and off as you change them.

Get a tripod

It is one of the most useful photography accessories that you can ever get your hands on. You can use it to hold up light fixtures, a camera umbrella, a camcorder, a diffuser, and just about anything and everything that needs some kind of holding up. It will also be perfect for stabilizing the camera and minimizing the camera shake so you get a clearer and crisper photo resolution at the end of the day.

If you do not know how to write yet, this is probably high time that you start learning it at some point. Create a blog and put some content up. Keep it streamed with updated material on a routine basis and it should be able to help improve your online presence.


wedding photography tipsNever ever make the mistake of filming in JPEG format

You’re probably thinking that it’s not really that big of a deal but the pictures speak for themselves the moment they come out. You have to keep in mind that your clients are paying you top dollar for high quality photos. Do not scrimp out on the memory space and always shoot in RAW because you will be able to capture the photos with all the information and the details complete. It will also let you repair blurred or out of focus pictures far more easily because almost all of the elements and details are still all there.

Do not forget to gear up with a secondary camera that is good enough to take high resolution photos.

One high quality DSLR just isn’t good enough, period. What are you going to do if, by some cosmic misfortune, something happens t your main camera? You can’t just stop shooting mid-event and tell the bride and groom you’re sorry. Save yourself the trouble and the possible bad karma by preparing a secondary camera that will catch you in case your first one fails. It’s just smart planning.

Do not book a wedding without any kind of previous experience. Just get this over with.

If you have not filmed a wedding before and just have absolutely zero experience in terms of coverage, just say no. You can’t afford that kind of risk against your reputation as a professional photographer and the couple does not deserve that kind of substandard service. Opt to get experience first by assisting a more established wedding photographer just so that you are able to navigate your own wedding event once you book one.

Do not forget to scout the location ahead of time.

Visit the venues about 2 days or so in advance to familiarize yourself with the setup and just so that you will know how to pose your subjects come wedding day.

Do not argue with the bride.

The bride is your most important client. Grooms are usually pushovers to brides because the long and short of it is that the wedding is all about the bride. Try to bring in some gentle suggestions if you would like to compromise.

Do not film awkward or uncomfortable subjects before they’re ready and relaxed.

Uncomfortable subjects do not photograph well, and they will hate you if you just apathetically keep filming without considering how they look. Take the time to make them feel comfortable first by talking to them first and making them feel at ease.

Do not be lazy with your online portfolio.

Your portfolio is your resume posted to the public and you will be objectively judged for it so take the time to only include the best of your works and update it diligently time and time again.

Do not forget to network and prepare good looking business cards.

Wedding events are the perfect opportunity for you to scout out for your next client. Befriend your other colleagues in the wedding industry from the waiters to the wedding planners to the florists. Have a good stash of crisp and clean looking business cards ready and hand them out like crazy. Networking is the key to advancing your wedding photography business.