Wedding Photography Tips

raw shootingWhen delving into wedding photography, should you go for RAW files or JPEG files? This seems to be one of the most conflicting predicaments that photographers find themselves in one way or the other. The more seasoned and experienced professional Dundee wedding photographers out there seem to make their stand and vouch for the usage of RAW files when it comes to shooting in wedding photography. RAW may have its down sides such as the fact that it eats through so much memory space way too fast and the fact that it can drastically slow your camera down because it fills the buffer of the sensors faster than usual but those are small inconveniences compared to the benefits that you will be getting out of using it. It will all be worth it.

  1. RAW files offer the highest quality possible for your images.

Anyone who has anything to do with wedding photography will tell you that quality is everything when it all comes down to it. When you shoot in RAW, you capture all of the information that is being captured by the sensor of the camera. The information is completely untouched and the file is not compressed to save memory space. This is the main reason why RAW images take up so much space. It does come with more pros than cons though and that is why RAW is still the way to go. When you have access to information as fast as this, not only are you guaranteed to have high quality photos, you are also guaranteed to have control over all of the editing options that are to be done to your photos. After all, your human brain, paired up with powerful editing programs, is way more powerful than any pre-programmed auto editing options on your camera.

2. You are able to record the greatest levels of brightness.

This may not mean much to a non photographer but this means heaps for experts in the world of wedding photography. Levels of brightness basically refer to the number of steps if takes to bring a picture from black to white. The higher the number of steps, the higher quality of photo you are able to get. JPEG is only able to record 256 levels of brightness whereas RAW is able to record up to as much as over 16,000 levels of brightness.

3. When shooting during a wedding, photographers will always aim to get the best exposure as much as possible for their camera.

This can be a bit of an issue because things and people tend to move fast during weddings. As a matter of fact, things are almost always on the move during weddings. Shooting in RAW will enable the wedding photographer to easily fix any clipped shadows, blown highlights, or over exposed and under exposed images because of the additional information readily available on the file. This means that any flaws will be corrected fairly easily without having to sacrifice the quality of the images being taken.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsIn wedding photography, before you make a choice and go for something, any option related to it, you have to seriously think things through first. You have to look into how it will get to impact your craft and the kind of work that you do at some point. You check out all of the other ensuing repercussions and benefits that it might bring you. You weigh all of the pros and cons and go for the options that lean more towards the pros and than they do to the cons. You should do the same kind of careful thinking and assessing in deciding on whether or not the RAW file format will work for you and for your objectives. Above all, as an expert in Asian wedding photography, you should prioritize the quality of the photos above everything else.

Highest photo quality

The RAW format is just hands down the pro option that is available out there. Professionals in the photography field are always making sure that they get the highest photo quality possible for their paying clients at some point. What may seem like minor photography issues such as overblown highlights and banding can prove to be really big deals especially if one of the options that you are offering out to your clients are printed photos as part of your products. Options like color space and balance are absolutely critical to getting high quality photos.

Efficient work flow

RAW files will also offer out a really efficient work flow for you in those crucial moments when you are scrambling for time during the post production process. You have to understand the fact that you are dealing with a huge number of photos here. When you work with volume, you have to make sure that there is a certain system that will allow you to flawlessly work through it without having to waste so much time in between. RAW file formats pair up with really great programs such as Lightroom and Aperture. They will let you upload large batches of photos at a time as opposed to other formats out there that will basically force you to edit one photo at a time and that is not the best way to go especially if you are dealing with a certain time crunch and working on a really strict turnaround time at some point.

Original and complete

RAW files capture the original and complete information that has been gleaned by the sensor of the cameras. This means that nothing is ever lost or compressed or anything like that at all. Sure, this means that you will be eating through a huge amount of memory space but what this means is that the photos will come out clearer and crisper than ever. This also means that you as the wedding photographer get to call the shots when it comes to how you edit the photos that you take and how they will turn out looking like in the final stages once you are about to turn it over to the clients.