Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography websiteAfter thinking on it for a while, you finally concluded that you want to become a professional Cheshire wedding photographer. You are quite confident that with your trusty camera and a portfolio of pictures involving your friends and family, this would be easy to venture into. Sadly, this is not the case as the professional wedding photography business requires more than that. To run a successful Cheshire wedding photography business, you need more than talent to kick your business of the ground.

Most likely if this were the 80’s simply creating a business card or passing across the information via word of mouth would be enough to see you gain a wide array of customers but the reality is that this is not the 80’s and the age of wound cameras has been long gone. In the 21st century, the internet alongside social media plays an important part in any wedding photography business. If you lack a wedding photography website you can be sure that it will be held against you by customers. To run a successful business, you have to take advantage of both internet and social media marketing.

Email address

The next step after setting up a professional wedding photography website is to get an email address that has your business name in it and not a gmail or yahoo account. This shows your client that you are willing to commit the necessary resources into making your business a success. Making use of a free service provider might chase clients away.

Marketing plan

When your wedding photography website has all the features you require then put together a marketing plan that contains the sites you hope to advertise your new business on. Remember that you are a new business and you need to gain as much possibility as possible. If you do your research well, you are bound to come across wedding sites that focus on brides seeking wedding photography services. There are also free sites that do not require a service fee for you to place an ad but even if they do, the benefits of the investment outweigh the cost.

Social media

Make use of social media to drive the publicity of your business and even if you as an individual lack a social media presence, your wedding photography business needs to gain one. Sign up for the popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook to create a following and update clients and potential clients about your work. There are photos haring sites like Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat that can really highlight your skills and creativity if used right. You can also try to create a partnership with other wedding vendors so that you are not tied to only a particular source of revenue.


The most important part of your marketing plan should be networking as in the world of wedding photography, referrals create the largest opportunities. As a newbie, you probably have not covered a large scale wedding unless a family member of friend decided to entrust you with that responsibility. The lack of experience might affect your professional clout but if you surround yourself with the right people, then it should not take long to get your big break.

Wedding Photography Tips

Bring a roll of sticky tape

wedding photographyAlthough this isn’t really something that will occur to you or something that you will realize right off the bat, the truth of the matter is that at some point or so, you will have a need for a roll of sticky tape while you are servicing wedding photo shoots as the official female wedding photographer. Wedding photo shoots are notorious for fashion related mishaps and accidents and that is something that you should foresee and pre-empt as much as possible. It might not seem like something that is all that important but when you come to think about it, it actually is. You need to prepare and to make sure that you have some kind of quick fix available somewhere along the way in case something unexpected happens. There have always been a lot of issues when it comes to stitching jobs and hemming in wedding clothes and the like. Having easy access to a nice roll of sticky tape is something that will save you so much time and effort somewhere down the road. Stick one somewhere in your gear bag so that you will be able to reach for it in case the situation requires it one way or the other.

One thing that you should be able to bring into the photo shoot as a female wedding photographer is the aspect of fun and spontaneity.

It doesn’t really always have to be all that serious and poised all of the time. You should also allow the aspect of unplanned surprises and of more or less making most of what the moment has to offer you during the wedding photo shoot. Encourage the people that you are trying to take photos of to have fun one way or the other. Let them know that it is actually quite alright to go ahead and be themselves from time to time. Although it would be nice to be able to stick to a certain itinerary for the shots that you would like to take, you should allow some room for improvisation along the way so that you will be able to go ahead and make the most out of what you are being given during the shoot as a female wedding photographer. Flourish in the unplanned moments because more often than not, they usually end up as the most noteworthy and as the most picture worthy ones at the end of the day. Try to remember that or keep that in mind all of the time.

If there are kids attending the wedding, then let them be kids.

Children don’t always respond well to instructions. They will always try to go off and do what they want to do and that isn’t always a bad thing, actually. As a female wedding photographer, try to get in touch with their whimsical and innocent nature and make it work with the kind of theme that you are trying to pull off when it all comes down to it. Let the kids be kids and try to capture the moments as they happen. You will be surprised at how the rest of your photos will get to turn out.

Wedding Photography Tips

You need to make sure that you are able to prepare for any eventualities all throughout your coverage as the official wedding photographer of a certain wedding.

wedding couple One thing that is a common challenge for most of the wedding photographers out there is that the bride and the groom are almost always busy all throughout the wedding event. What this means is that there is every little to no time at all to talk to them in case you have any last minute decisions that you will need to consult them about. This can be really hard for you as a wedding photographer surrey because the truth of the matter is that one of the best approaches that you could ever take to make sure that the shoot goes on just as how the client likes it is for you to constantly ask for sign offs on certain things. This is not possible to do if the bride and groom are busy all of the time. Ask them for a proxy or for a coordinator ahead of time who will be able to step in for them and communicate with you during moments when they are not available. Get to know this coordinator ahead of time and try to establish a good working relationship as much as possible. You need this coordinator in order for you to be able to successfully cover your job as the official wedding photographer during the wedding.

Whatever you have planned for the wedding photography shoot in terms of sequences and timelines, always leave some room for delays.

Most of the weddings out there will be delayed for one reason or another. It might be because the calla lilies that the florists flew in from a tropical did not come in yet and the setup is incomplete, or the bride’s wedding dress caught a snag and they have to get out and get a replacement immediately, car problems en route to the church or to the venue of the wedding photography shoot, weather related issues, people coming in late, and so on and so forth. There could be so many different possible reasons when it all comes down to it and you need to make sure that you are really able to prepare for them and take them all in stride as a wedding photographer. You will not always get your way and there will always be delays at some point or so. What is important is that you will be able to set things up in such a way that will give you some amount of wiggle room to improvise as a wedding photographer.

Shoot the wedding venue in advance.

A lot of wedding photographers out there put in the extra effort to really go to the wedding venue early so that they can have the place all to themselves and so that they can survey the landscape and take all of the shots that they need to take beforehand. Get all of the overhead lights turned on, if possible so that you will be able to view the place so much better.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsIn wedding photography, before you make a choice and go for something, any option related to it, you have to seriously think things through first. You have to look into how it will get to impact your craft and the kind of work that you do at some point. You check out all of the other ensuing repercussions and benefits that it might bring you. You weigh all of the pros and cons and go for the options that lean more towards the pros and than they do to the cons. You should do the same kind of careful thinking and assessing in deciding on whether or not the RAW file format will work for you and for your objectives. Above all, as an expert in Asian wedding photography, you should prioritize the quality of the photos above everything else.

Highest photo quality

The RAW format is just hands down the pro option that is available out there. Professionals in the photography field are always making sure that they get the highest photo quality possible for their paying clients at some point. What may seem like minor photography issues such as overblown highlights and banding can prove to be really big deals especially if one of the options that you are offering out to your clients are printed photos as part of your products. Options like color space and balance are absolutely critical to getting high quality photos.

Efficient work flow

RAW files will also offer out a really efficient work flow for you in those crucial moments when you are scrambling for time during the post production process. You have to understand the fact that you are dealing with a huge number of photos here. When you work with volume, you have to make sure that there is a certain system that will allow you to flawlessly work through it without having to waste so much time in between. RAW file formats pair up with really great programs such as Lightroom and Aperture. They will let you upload large batches of photos at a time as opposed to other formats out there that will basically force you to edit one photo at a time and that is not the best way to go especially if you are dealing with a certain time crunch and working on a really strict turnaround time at some point.

Original and complete

RAW files capture the original and complete information that has been gleaned by the sensor of the cameras. This means that nothing is ever lost or compressed or anything like that at all. Sure, this means that you will be eating through a huge amount of memory space but what this means is that the photos will come out clearer and crisper than ever. This also means that you as the wedding photographer get to call the shots when it comes to how you edit the photos that you take and how they will turn out looking like in the final stages once you are about to turn it over to the clients.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsInvest in three cameras

You need at least two basic cameras to switch back and forth with in between takes. It is usually smart to mount two different kinds of lenses on these two cameras. It makes it time efficient especially for the moments when you would like to put in variety in the shots that you are taking by using varied lenses. The third one (you’re probably what you need that one for) is for your backup. It should be a reserve gear for when something happens to your first two cameras. You can never be too prepared when covering a shoot and wedding photography is all about getting all the contingencies covered as much as possible.

Get a medium zoom lens on standby

It is the most flexible lens you can get for wedding photography. A medium zoom lens is your go-to lens if you are just still starting out and can’t really afford to break the bank with a whole collection of expensive lenses just yet. It will let you transition from group shots to close-ups without that much difficulty because its capacities are varied and quite adaptive, when you get to think of it. This is the perfect bang for your buck value if you are looking for the most practical lens out there.

Get a telephoto lens

This will help you get your close-up shots without getting in other people’s ways. More often than not, you can’t always be at the altar to take photos of the crucial and memorable ceremonial moments. You are going to have to take them from afar so as not to obstruct the view of other people. A telephoto lens will enable you to do this so this is one of the must-haves in your gear.

Invest in optional prime lenses

They provide great depth of field and lets you shoot efficiently in dark areas. Prime lenses are definitely option but they are great for shooting in dark areas or in times of the day where natural light is not that abundant such as during sunsets or at night.

Get another optional wide angle lens

This lens is great when capturing architectural details of a place and is also great for filming huge groups of people. Again, this is optional but this is really great for wide aperture shots and for those insanely huge group photos during weddings.

Always being more memory cards and batteries than you think you need

You might think you already have enough but you don’t want to run the risk of running out of either of the two when you are in an actual wedding coverage. It’s just too much trouble and there are just too many stakes at risk which you are in no position to put at risk at all.

Get yourself a high quality camera bag. Even this wedding photographer essex knows the importance of having a useful camera bag. And of course, you need a nice and sturdy bag that you can depend on where you can put all your gear together and be able to carry it with you anywhere you might possibly go.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photographerExperience

Check the wedding photographer’s experience in covering wedding events in the past. Experience is everything in the market of wedding photography. If you are shelling out some serious money for this kind of service, you might as well make sure that you are getting the best value for your money. Do not go with a wedding photographer who has not had that much experience at all. Chances are, your wedding event will be used as a practice session and that would not be fair to you at all. Remember that you are considering giving the responsibilities of covering the most important day in your life here so these is something that should not be taken lightly. When it all comes down to it, experience is a non-negotiable.


Review the wedding photographer’s portfolio posted online. Portfolios are like their resumes and you have every right to really look closely and assess it down to the smallest of details because you’re sort of like the employer here. What’s even great about this is the fact that if you do not like the quality if their work, you can save yourself the embarrassment of having to reject them personally. If you don’t like their work, you can just cross them out of the list and you don’t have to waste time asking to meet them in person as well.


Check out what kind of gear they are using and if it is up to par with the kind of quality that you would like delivered to you. Great photos require high quality gear to be used. It’s something that just comes with the territory. Try to see what kind of cameras they have and in what shape those cameras are in. mind you, there is an emphasis on the plural form of the noun because what you’re looking for is an assortment of cameras. They need to make sure that they have enough backup equipment or gear before you hand over that contract for them to have the right to cover your wedding event.


Ask the wedding photographer if he has a team to back him up. A wedding photographer who has a team is always a great sign of professionalism. Covering a wedding takes an awful lot of time and energy and something that a one-man army just cannot accomplish all on his own. This will also tell you a lot about someone’s work ethics. If he works well with a team, he should be likeable enough and can be depended on to not be rough or rude with the guests at your wedding.


Ask him what kind of style he usually goes with as a wedding photographer. There needs to be a common interest or a silent level of agreement with regards to the kind of style that you would like to go with at some point. You and your wedding photographer of choice should be in sync particularly regarding this issue. Go with someone whose works inspire you and someone whose portfolio you like to begin with and you should be fine.