Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photographerWear comfortable shoes.

You will probably think that this is not a very valuable wedding photography advice but it will actually help you far more than you could ever know. Weddings are usually hands down formal events and people always come dressed to their best. At times, even if you are just there to document the event, it can be quite easy to dress impressively and reach out for those really inconvenient but pretty looking shoes at some point. This should not be the case. Veer away from uncomfortable feeling shoes as much as possible. Your feet will kill you at the end of the day and you will feel grumpy and just irritable all throughout the day. It is just not worth it. Instead, for something that looks nice enough for the event but does not force you to compromise on comfort.

Manage the crowd accordingly.

It comes with the territory.Wedding photography means that you will have to work in unpredictable conditions that usually require you to deal with or manage people at some point. There will always be people in the wedding who will try to elbow their way in and sort of take the reins away from you. They will be telling people how and when to pose and will dictate who goes in with the frame and who should go out. Assert your authority and gently tell them that you have a schedule and a list of shots that you will need to deliver. You will need to be able to do it in such a manner wherein they will listen to you right then and there but not to the point where they will find you offensive or rude.

Have a detailed meeting with the bride and the groom.

You always need to keep track of the fact that your clients have always been and should always be your top priority. Talk to them and take the time to actually get to know them. The more you get to know your clients, the better you will be able to grasp the things that they like and the things that they do not. It will leave you with very little room left for guesswork and that is always a great thing at the end of the day. Knowing exactly what your clients want mean that you will be able to deliver exactly what they asked for and that means that you are able to satisfy them.

Do not miss any important shots.

Write down a list of important shots that you will need to take and check things through as you go through them during the coverage of the wedding. This will keep you focused and will keep your goal in sight for when things get hectic and for when you run the risk of getting distracted one way or the other. The last thing that you want to happen would be for you and the bride to have an argument because you missed some really important shots.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding tipsMake sure that you are able to attend the rehearsal.

There are no if’s and but’s on this one. Wedding photography is all about being in the moment and knowing all of the elements that go in and come into play. The reason the wedding photographer Nottingham should attend the rehearsal is so that he can get some feelers out and more or less acclimate himself to the aspect of shooting the wedding several days later. Do not pass up any kind of chance for you to be able to put in some practice shots at some point. You need to know your material and what you are up against and attending the rehearsal will put you at a really strategic advantage. You will also know where to be able to position yourself during the event.

Know your gear inside and out.

High end cameras that wedding photography requires usually come with very distinct technicalities. They offer great options and tons of variety and with the right kind of technical skill and knowledge; you will be able to pull off getting great and mind blowing photos in no time. In order for you to start doing this though, you need to make sure that you know everything there is to know about your camera. Know everything like the back of your hand because this kind of skill will actually come in handy when you are covering the wedding event. Read the manual. It sounds boring and tedious but it really is the kind of knowledge that you can use when the right time comes.

Bring really comfortable shoes because you will be on the move all of the time. Wedding photography requires the artist to be on the move almost all of the time. Make sure that you wear shoes that are comfortable enough for you to run around in all day and still feel comfortable enough to go even longer. Look for shoes that look appropriate enough for a formal event such as a wedding but still something that will not end up killing your feet when it is all done and over with.

Get a few props together for your wedding photography session.

Prepare a little box of props that will help you get better looking photos once the wedding event commences. There are a few basics that you can check out such as a nice and pretty hanger for when you take photos of the wedding dress, nice looking ring boxes, and maybe a really large and empty picture frame that the guests and the couple can use during the wedding.

Instruct the bride and groom to prolong their kisses, if they can help it.

There is probably no need for you to do some hard convincing on this. The bride and groom will probably be all the happier to do it for you. Tell them to kiss slowly and to prolong it as much as they can for the sake of the photos. Kisses are more often than not fast and fleeting and they will not photograph well the couple doesn’t do it deliberately.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsWedding photographers work on earning their experience first before they decide to launch a professional career in the Seattle wedding photography niche. If that is something that you would like to get into, it should also be a full scale business model that you should mimic. It may be something that may seem redundant at first, you have to understand that this is the kind that works and that is why so many other professionals ahead of you are doing it. You need to brace yourself for a slow start because you will have to work your way through this so you have to be patient and diligent in building up your wedding photography experience. Offer your services out for free to friends and family members who are about to be married. Be sure to disclose though that you are using their wedding events as practice sessions so that they do not get disappointed or frustrated if the effects turn out to be below their levels of expectations.

Prepare for the long haul

Wedding events take up more hours than any other events out there so you need to make sure that you have enough camera batteries and memory cards to last you for the entire duration of it and then some. A true professional wedding photographer will never allow himself to run out or run short so prepare well. Make sure that you clear out your memory cards after every use and make sure that you transfer your files accordingly. Wipe the slate clean every single night. This is the best way to make sure that your memory cards are in great shape and will not end up corrupting your files.

Buy two basic lenses

You need two basic lenses: the first one is a telephoto lens that lets you take close-up shots from afar while the second one is a wide angle lens that lets you fit a lot of people in the frame and make for really great group photos and panoramic shots. It is always wise to have two to three cameras so you can mount your lenses individually and so that you can just easily switch in between cameras instead of having to struggle screwing the lenses on and off as you change them.

Get a tripod

It is one of the most useful photography accessories that you can ever get your hands on. You can use it to hold up light fixtures, a camera umbrella, a camcorder, a diffuser, and just about anything and everything that needs some kind of holding up. It will also be perfect for stabilizing the camera and minimizing the camera shake so you get a clearer and crisper photo resolution at the end of the day.

If you do not know how to write yet, this is probably high time that you start learning it at some point. Create a blog and put some content up. Keep it streamed with updated material on a routine basis and it should be able to help improve your online presence.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsAsk for recommendations from the people you know and trust.

Ask them if they know of any north east wedding photographer whom they think might be a good fit for you and for your wedding. Your friends and family members have at some point gotten married and what that means is that they have had experiences and may have contacts in the wedding photography scene. Try to do a little digging around and make some calls and that should bring you to a pretty good place and get you a pretty good list of prospective wedding photographers that you can work with. The thing with going with someone who is recommended by someone that you know and trust is that they are sure to recommend only those who they think will be good enough to provide their services for you.

Allot a certain budget for the wedding photographer’s services and make sure that it is an amount that you stick to at some point.

Wedding preparations cost a lot of money and for as far as money is concerned, you should draw the right kinds of perimeters so that you know where your limits lie. You need to make sure that you do not blow your budget way out of the water or you will end up shortcutting everything else once you get to them. Although once you are able to give it a more or less deeper thought, investing well in wedding photography services would be a really smart move if you want something great to remember your wedding by.

Compare prices of different wedding photographers and see if you can hammer out a great deal by negotiating.

Consider it as something similar to window shopping. Check out all of the best prices that you think bring in the greatest of deals for you as a client and bring them side by side to the other deals being offered out to you and go ahead and choose the best one there is.

Have an in-depth meeting with the photographer to really go over things and to make sure that everything has been pre-agreed upon.

You need to make sure that you and the wedding photographer understand each other when it comes to the details that go on with the entire service. You need to discuss everything from start to finish, the time it starts, the time it ends, and everything else in between. This will ensure that satisfaction will be guaranteed and that you will not have any kinds of surprises once everything is done and over with.

Ask for a contract and review the provisions and all of the stipulations in detail.

Try to see if you can get the help of a legal attorney in terms of proofreading the documents presented to you by the wedding photographer. Any serious wedding photographer will make sure that there will always be a contract set in place so that both client and photographer will be covered in case something happens. All the liabilities and contingencies should be well prepared for.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photographyJPEG

Filming in JPEG format is a cardinal sin in the faith of wedding photography. Filming in JPEG format is one of the most common and recurring mistakes in wedding photography. JPEG is notorious for auto editing out the images shortly after being shot so there is no way for you to be able to retrieve them. Sure, they take up less memory space than RAW images normally would but they do not hold the same quality and resolution. It is also much harder to correct or touch up JPEG images because they are usually whitewashed and overexposed especially in cases where there is too much light exposure involved.

Backup Camera

Being negligent with the camera and bringing only one camera with no backup is considered irresponsible. There is just no way around this and this needs to be stated again and again to new photographers in the wedding photography scene; you need more than just one camera. One camera absolutely won’t do. You need this as a backup and to be your catchall if something screws up with the first one, plain and simple. Again, no arguments need here. We’re moving on.


Booking a wedding event on your own with no previous experience whatsoever is a total no-no. If you’ve never done it before, chances are, you won’t be equipped enough to do it now. Just step back for a bit and reflect that what is at stake here is the most important day in a couple’s life. Instead, work on preparing yourself by offer to assist wedding photographers who have had more experience than you in their own events. You may not be paid for this or may only be paid a very miniscule sum for assisting (depends on your arrangement), but consider this as real world experience that you will be getting relatively for free.


Forgetting to visit the venues ahead of time to take some practice shots is both amateur and disorganized. Scouting out the locations ahead of time is the key to you being able to take in the landscape of the venue. This will make you better aware of the best spots to position people in and what the best angles are.


Shouldering on to film people despite of their obvious discomfort is inconsiderate. Be sensitive enough to notice when people are not at ease with being photographed and try to talk them through it. They will appreciate the fact that you are going through lengths to make them more comfortable and they will come out looking great in the images because they’ll turn up more relaxed and less contrived.

Online Portfolio

Neglecting to update your online portfolio is unwise. Consider your portfolio as your resume that you would have to update with your best works that represent you the most. This is the first thing your clients take a look at so make sure you are diligent in updating this.


Not learning how to network during the wedding event will make you miss out on business opportunities. Bring a good stash of your business cards to hand out to people during wedding events. You won’t really know what other opportunities might turn up.