Wedding Photographer Billericay: You’re Not Communicating Enough!

wedding photographer BillericayThere are many things that your potential clients are probably thinking about when he has to make the decision between hiring you or that other photographer. You don’t know how that other photographer is doing, but one thing for sure is that you can still do better as a wedding photographer Billericay.

Did you speak enough with them? Have you know what they need, what they want, why they want you? Talking with them about it is the only way to know it.

Know about them more

What do you know about them? There are probably things you forgot to ask. This act of wanting to know more will create a sense of dependency to you as a photographer. If you are able to offer them suggestions on how they should prepare their venue, themselves or what to expect in it, you are someone who is willing to go beyond what is necessary. That’s something clients love.

This will also prepare you to answer their questions on your next meeting with them. You can also send them messages that are customized to their need to tell them that, hey, you remember them and want to help with their wedding! This is an effective way to easily stand out among the others.

Keep it a two-way communication

When you meet your potential clients keep the communication established well. They should be willing to talk and know more about you and also give feedback on what you say. Do not diss them just because they don’t know about photography. Help them by explaining things in a layman term. A wedding photographer Billericay like Chris Woodman Photography always makes sure to let his clients know.

Don’t keep explaining things from the moment they come just because they showed some interest in a particular package you have. Let them talk, let them ask the questions and then answer according to what they want to know, while you add information that you know will be useful to convince them of the benefits or advantages.

Step out of your comfort zone

It’s not easy to become that person that enjoy communication if you are that type of person who loves to express yourself through pictures. It’s challenging even and one quick advice we want to give is, to be honest about it! You can explain in your bio that you were not the talkative style. But deep inside, you want to be able to give the best to your clients.

Don’t stop there. Learn to step out of that zone and start conversations. If you are used to having the conversations started by someone else, change that pattern. You can try by talking to your friends or family members first. Then slowly, but surely, learn to smile and give simple greetings to the person who is having a coffee beside you or the guy who is sitting next to you on a train.

You will be greeting your clients with a big smile and firm handshake before you even realize it! Remember to show your confidence as a wedding photographer Billericay when you first meet them.