Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Conundrum: Traditional or Unconventional?

Picking the best style for your wedding photography can be nerve-racking and downright stressful.

Lancashire wedding photographerFrom the many, many wedding photography style to choose from, a couple may keep second guessing and changing their decision until the wedding day. This would be a very disastrous thing to do and results of this can be pretty bad. Avoiding this scenario should be on the top of your list and you can do that by standing firm in your choice of wedding photography style. Being indecisive usually stems from not having enough information on the choice that you made. The lack of information makes you look back and think again. For couple who are planning for their wedding photography it would be best if you do understand the different types of wedding photography style you can choose from.


The first wedding photography style is the Traditional Wedding Photography Style. This is the one you typically see in the wedding photo albums of your parents and grandparents. Characterized by a bride and groom standing side-by-side for a portrait pose, this type of wedding photography style puts emphasis on efficiency rather than artistry. It gets the job done fast yet, lack that flare or zing that can usually be seen in modern wedding photography. There will be a lot of involvement from the Lancashire wedding photographer as he usually assigns the poses for the subjects of photos. This style is still popular today, especially with couples who prefer conventional wedding photos. The Photojournalistic Wedding Photography Style is the complete opposite of the first one. In this style, everyone is free to act as they please. This style emerged from photojournalism and wishes to convey the story of your wedding. This style of wedding photography seeks to capture the rawness of human emotion. Candid shots are usually the identifier for this style. There is no “pose” for this shot. The Lancashire wedding photographer allows the story to unfold, documenting memorable moments that occur naturally in the wedding. This is a style for those couples who prefer having carefree, candid wedding photos which captures human emotion on film.

High Fashion

The next wedding photography style is the ones you see in bridal magazines. The High Fashion Wedding Photography style is a force to be reckoned with. This style of wedding photography focuses more on capturing striking photos of the bride and groom and most especially their clothes. In this style of wedding photography a Lancashire wedding photographers focuses on creating wedding pictures that show off the beauty of the couple’s apparel first and then the couple in general second.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Expect a lot of model-like poses and make up in this type of wedding photography. The last style of wedding photography is Fine-art wedding photography. It is bit related to the high-fashion wedding photography style but it deviates in terms of focus. Fine-art focuses on creating works of art with the wedding photos. Dramatic lighting and artistic angles characterize this wedding photography style. This style is best for those couples whom have a creative and artistic side and wish that side to be seen on camera. These are the different styles which you may choose from. A piece of advice? Think long and hard and choose your wedding photography style wisely. You should highly consider Lancashire wedding photographer ( as a viable option.