Wedding Photography Tips

Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

wedding photographer KentSome mistakes are affordable – you can get away with them and end up just fine. Both the beginner and professional wedding photographer Kent from time to time make some miscalculations. We learn through them. On the other hand, some mistakes are costly and so embarrassing you’ll most likely start to think of giving up on your newfound profession. Regardless, you simply want to avoid mistakes and do a good job. Here are some faux pas you are likely to make and you should totally avoid them.

  • Not agreeing and sticking to a wedding day schedule

Truth is, you cannot work without a schedule and if you attempt to, you will end up shooting yourself in the leg. Ouch! Time management is essential. While you are focussed on the couple, know that you are to take pictures of families, friends and other guests too. Your schedule should be well-planned and laid-out to avoid the embarrassment. Moreover, you don’t want to book 3 events on the same Saturday.

  • Going without an assistant

I cannot stress this enough. You need an assistant, especially if you are just starting out. You can either get a second wedding photographer Kent, or someone to help you with the lights and equipment. There is no doubt you will be overwhelmed at these events.

  • Listening to everyone and bringing your ego to the job

Don’t be surprised that everyone automatically becomes better than you at your job. Relatives and guests will definitely attempt to school you on how you should take a particular shot. It’s part of the inconvenience that comes with the job. On the other hand, you cannot afford to have your ego in the way. Now, ego is a really bad thing to have. You are a professional or a professional to-be, quite alright, but you want to tone down a bit. I think that the better photographers are those who can strike a balance between everyone’s advice and their own perspective.

  • Not having extra storage, and a backup camera

Absolutely embarrassing when you find out at the end of the event that your memory card is filled up and you have been taking nice pictures but not saving them. Having enough storage space is critical to your success in any event. While a backup camera is not so important when starting out, you should expect gear fail at some point in time. It will be devastating to see your camera fail during a job with no alternative.

  • Giving the client all the pictures you took

It is no easy job sifting through a thousand pictures, trying to select the good ones, even with the best culling software out there. Nevertheless, it is your job, not your client’s. Moreover, they might not have the same visual skills you have as a professional photographer. It is important that you select the best pictures and edit them to the best possible standards. It speaks professionalism and there is no better way to wrap up a job well done.

If there is one thing to keep in mind, the day is specifically the couple’s. Not yours, or anybody’s. We at  Penny Young Photography want to do everything possible to document their wedding and make them happy.