Wedding Photography Tips

What Should You Consider Before Hiring a Portsmouth Wedding Photographer?

Portsmouth wedding photographerWeddings, no matter how small they are, are huge events. You have a lot to plan for – food, venue, decorations, music, and photography. Being a one-time ceremony (depending), you really want to make it perfect and not look like some hastily-done event. Very importantly, you want to keep those memories alive.

Or why have a wedding when you won’t have pictures to remember the day by?

You won’t find it difficult to decide to hire a photographer. But you just might be left bedazzled with the number of professional photographers out there. So, how do you filter them, based on certain considerations you have to make?

And if you are going to hire a Portsmouth wedding photographer, how do you go about it, seeing there are lots of amazing Portsmouth talents out there?

·  The Photographer’s Level of Experience

Never overlook experience. you want to hire a photographer who has done a few jobs and done them well. Experience does not necessarily have to be something of fifteen or twenty-five years in the industry. In fact, the technology, skills and innovations are changing rapidly. So, there is the part to stay relevant and keep up with the latest innovations in the photography industry, irrespective of experience.

  • Your Budget

Your budget for a wedding photographer should not come last! It is a huge mistake many couples make and they eventually settle for a mediocre photographer to match up with the money they have left. Many times, they end up disappointed.

Booking a wedding photographer is as important as the food and venue for your event, even if not more important.

That said, you should have an appropriate budget for the wedding. You can ask around how much an average wedding photographer in Portsmouth charges, and budget around that price. You will find photographers worth their salt, who will charge below or above that average. Just get your money ready.

It is important to work within your budget too. But be wary of charges that are too low and promise great results. Usually, they turn out to be really bad deals.

· The Photographer’s Level of Exposure

Take a look at portfolio. As a Portsmouth wedding photographer, with years of experience, he isn’t just based in that region, but travels around the UK and continental Europe. This exposes him, fuelling his knowledge and skill.

Moreover, if the wedding venue is outside Portsmouth, then you need a wedding photographer who can travel around.

·  What Style You Want; What Styles Are Offered

Wedding photography has different styles. As a client, you might not be too interested in the different styles. But you should be aware of them. There are reportage/photojournalism styles, artistic styles, classic/conventional styles, traditional styles and so on.

You should consider what style or styles the wedding photographer can offer. Most couples who look at different portfolios usually go for reportage/photojournalism styles. One reason for this is that this style isn’t rigid and can easily relay the story of the wedding day, such that everything flows together like a storybook.

Likewise, looking at the Portsmouth wedding photographer’s online portfolio or past works, consider if you can key into the events of the day. Apart from taking beautiful pictures for posterity’s sake, make sure his works are interesting like that of James (link above) and not banal.

· Does He/she Communicate or Socialize Well?

Perhaps, this is the most important consideration to make. You will find many photographers with adequate skills, experiences, exposure and so on, but very bad socials skills. In communicating with you, make sure details are clear and easily understood.

You will also want a Portsmouth wedding photographer with the ability to make people feel relaxed and smiling for the camera.